Announcing the 2017 Seed Swap

Seed saving is a very sustainable way to grow a garden every year.  You could spends hundreds on seeds if you have a decent sized garden.  Or you could learn to save your own.

I try to encourage seed saving by having seed swaps so we can all share our seed harvest and maybe add variety to our own gardens.  Leftover seeds from this season are also good to swap.  Again, spread a little variety and get something in the mail that you may not normally buy yourself.

Over the next week or so, I will be sharing some of the simple seed saving techniques and what varities to grow if you want to save seed.  The vegetables I will share are going to be the easy ones, but if you know how to save other varieties, please do.

All you do for the swap is mail me up to 5 different seed packets by January 27th.  I will post a reminder.  On that day I will swap and mail back your new seeds.  Then you get a nice surprise in the mail.

More details to come, just get collecting for now!

Join the seed swap on facebook and share with your friends.

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