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Roundwood a frame arbor

This was not one of my better projects.  It’s not terribly sturdy and I will have to bring in reinforcements.  But here is what I did so you can get a not-so-great idea and make it better.  Then tell me how you did it.

I did two tripod lashings that shared a common post for the cross beam. I am just learning lashing so I will save any explanation attempts for a later post on lashing.  Once I have some idea.  Check out the links at the end.

Three posts are lashed together to form the sides of the “A” on one side and the middle post will be the beam that connects the two “A”s.  The connector beam will be lashed, along with two other posts to form another “A” for the other end.

Add a post across the “A” to complete it on both ends.

Once you have the two “A”s and the beams all attached, you have to stand up the arbor, quite strategically, and connect the sides on either end.

I had to brace the structure on either end so that it would be a little more sturdy.  I have seen this same design built much bigger and used to build homes, so I am going to have to do a little more research and try a few things to get this arbor to be what it needs to be.  I can’t have it falling over once the grapes start climbing, I don’t want my poor grapes to get hurt!  I will be sure to keep the blog updated as to what I find out.  I would be happy for some links/ideas/info/voice of reason if you have anything to share.




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