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Happy May Day!  Have a good spin around the May pole and dance around the beautiful bon fire!  Now back to work.

Thanks for all the great ideas that you posted when I introduced the open discussion project idea.  I will use this as an idea bank in the future, so feel free to continue to post ideas.  However, I have another project that I need to get going on.

This will be the very first open discussion project.   Build an arbor out of round wood for my grape vines.  We have tons of cut trees laying around (round wood), so I need to make use of what I have to get an arbor up.

Other materials that can be used include anything I can scrounge for cheap or free.  The challenge is how to anchor the arbor.  I have to build on solid rock in many places.  No digging posts into the ground.  Bonus challenge is to make the arbor unique in some way.

A little practice with round wood building.  A big ol trellis for my squash.

Here is how the open discussion works:

On the first of the month, I will post a project like a compost bin or a greenhouse.  Then, in the comment section, share your ideas. At the end of the month, I will decide on a plan for the project using everything people share.  (This is a young blog so this will work better as more people subscribe).

I am looking for links with pictures, information, and instructions.  If these links are from your own blog, even better.  If you don’t have a blog but can provide your own ideas or pictures, that is also perfect.

The idea is to keep these discussions open, even after the project is done, for others to be able to go through the links and ideas for their own projects.   Once you finish a related project, you can share that in the comments too.

Anyone who is subscribed will get post notifications in their inbox whenever we start a new conversation, generally the first of each month.  Please post in the comments section of the post, rather than in response to the email, so everyone can see the information.   It’s all about the sharing information that is gathered in one place.

Check out this link for the related thread on

Update, June 17:

Using this post and the forum, I decided to build an Aframe arbor that is not anchored to the ground, but uses it’s own weight to keep it in place.  I will be using lashing to connect the poles I gather from them lot.  I have gotten as far as collecting the logs, so far.

Posts ready for lashing


Grapes anxiously awaiting their arbor.


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