Tiny House Interior: Kid’s Room


Building the kid’s room was a lot of fun.  I involved them in the process as much as I could so that they would enjoy it too.  I always try to include the kids, so that they are learning skills even if they don’t know it.  Working on a building project for them, allowing them to pick colors and curtains, gets them even more excited about it.

The first part of the kid’s room is their beds.

Building the frame for the mattress

Turn the frame upside down, add the legs, then plywood on top

Next step was to add a bookshelf at the foot of my boy’s bed.

I framed a small wall and added 2x4s to support the shelves
2x3s to support the plywood
2x4s for posts, 2x3s to support the shelves, and plywood for the shelves










And another set of shelves at the foot of my girl’s bed. And yet another set of shelves between the beds to create a “dresser” for clothes storage.

I built these shelves the same as all of the others
I ran out of “shelving” material and decided to use the old crates we had instead. Not good for small items, but great for clothes and boxes.
The finished shelves next to my girl’s bed

I used the shelves all around the beds as posts to create a “top bunk” to store toys and for the stuffed animals to “sleep.”

The “bunk” area above my boy’s bed

Having the “bunk” also made the beds perfect “prince and princess” beds.  Each kid picked out cheap fabric to make curtains around their beds.  We live in a tiny house, so any little bit of privacy we can create is very valuable.

A super hero princess bed
A dinosaur prince bed

Looking at the pictures, I realized that I may have missed a couple things.  There is a broken “lamp” and a big spot I didn’t paint, but I’ll get there.  The kids don’t even notice.




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