What Maine Winter?


Winter here has been unseasonably warm.  You would think that this would be a good thing, and it has been for the most part.  We haven’t needed much wood for heat because it has been warm.  We barely have any snow on the ground, it’s going to melt faster and has been easier to trudge through. Mud season shouldn’t be as muddy as usual because we don’t have 6+ feet of snow on the ground to melt.  I should be able to get to gardening soon too!

However, now we are getting closer to spring and the warm and cold weather is causing us a little trouble.  We get a couple inches of snow, followed by a couple inches of rain, followed by a freeze.  The whole property is a sheet of ice.  We can barely get around.  Bringing the kids outside is a huge chore because it is so slippery.  Bringing supplies up is a huge pain because it is so slippery.  Our driveway is especially bad.  We somehow managed to divert the water drainage directly to the bottom of the driveway where the water pools and freezes into a solid skating rink.  This gets especially interesting when I get home at night and it’s pitch black out.  We have found a few projects that need to be done before next winter for sure!

Next week is supposed to get up to 50 degrees, so we should be able to get through this ice business pretty soon though!

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