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z Empty-Don't Bother Looking Here
Creatively Sustainable … T-shirts!

Just set up a new page for my t-shirt shop!  Only one available for now, but more to come. Creatively Sustainable…T-shirts! Save Save Share This: Post Views: 26

z Empty-Don't Bother Looking Here
The Importance of Observation

I was so very happy with my whole layout.  It was perfect.  I had not seen the property more than a couple of times at this point, so I knew that some things might need to be altered a little bit when I matched the plan to the land.  However, …

z Empty-Don't Bother Looking Here

Sectors of the landscape tie in to “the lay of the land” post I did before I started watching the videos for the PDC.  This is just another way to look at your property to help you decide how to set it up.  A sector map will layout for you …