Item of the Day: Coffee Percolator


A long time ago we would go to go get coffee every morning at the chain coffee place in town. Then we decided that we needed to save some money and started making our own at home in the electric coffee pot. Now we don’t even have electricity. What to do? Get a coffee percolator! I went to one of the many local antique shops and found this great enamel percolator for $25. We had to clean it up a little, since it hadn’t been used in quite a while, but it worked great once we got it going.

The percolator was very easy to use.  Fill it up with water.  Then put the basket into the percolator.  Fill the basket with the coffee grounds.  Put the whole pot over the camp fire and get to a slow boil.  Don’t let it boil over.  It will only take a few minutes.  If you want stronger coffee, let it boil for a little longer.  Carefully take the percolator off the fire and your coffee is ready.  Check out this website for instructions from the pros: Percolator coffee pot.

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