The Beginnings of the Food Forest

Food Forest

This is the spot where we ended up putting the food forest. It isn’t quite what we planned originally, but we weren’t going to be able to follow the plans this time around. We just didn’t have the time we needed to truck all the plants across the lot.



We put sticks with pink ribbons everywhere we wanted to plant a tree. Being short on time, we had to position the trees around what was already there. I dread the day we have to cut down the trees that are in between our fruit trees.  Hopefully we won’t kill them trying to get them more light.

Digging the holes.


The spots where we planted trees were made into hugelkultur beds. I did not get the chance to take pictures of this because we were racing the rain. I did many other posts on hugelkulturs though.

And finally, the plants in the ground.

To protect the trees from deer, as quickly as possible, we put small fences around each tree. Most of the trees stick out over the tops of the fences, so we put up an additional perimeter. I used a red rope which will hopefully confuse the deer and then attached smelly perfumy soaps to the rope so the smell would further confuse the deer. I read that this would work for a little while, and we only need about a month out of it, so hopefully it will last this long.


This is just another angle of the same food forest.  It is right up by the road, and will likely end up only being a small version of the real food forest. Next year, when we have the time to do what it is that we really wanted to do, I will follow the plans laid out initially. We may even move a few of these trees.



And finally, the hazelnut is in the ground! I know the trees are still pretty small and don’t look like much, but I will take some more pictures as they grow and get some leaves on them. Then it will look like a little more.

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