Mud Season

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While mud season doesn’t seem like all that much fun to some of us, the little ones are loving it! They did come prepared with their fancy new galoshes, so it was no big deal.
In case you don’t know, New England has this special time of year between winter and spring that is all mud. Multiple feet of snow are melting while the ground below is thawing and all that water just has no place to go. Everything is filthy and you can’t possibly clean the floor. Everything is getting stuck and the poor little girl won’t walk through the deep stuff without a helping hand. There are streams flowing through in random places carrying away what water they can, but there is just too much to handle.
The locals tell us that mud season has about three more weeks to go, and that is the standard around here. We have mud season back home, but we also live on a paved road and don’t notice it nearly like we are here. Here is a great article about mud season in case you don’t quite get the idea yet. Hopefully this won’t make planting trees impossible. Wish me luck!

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