2014: A Big Year

I have never had so much to accomplish in a single year as we have to do this year.  This is the year that we begin our life on a homestead.  Something that I have been waiting for very impatiently for a long time.  My head spins just thinking about how much we have to do this year.

First we have to get rid of everything we won’t be needing anymore. I have been giving everything away as much as possible.  Giving things to friends and donating to local centers.  Whatever’s left we have to pack up.  Hopefully all that will be left is clothes, tools, and maybe some dishes and pans.  I guess we have to keep the kids toys too.  Yeah right, I’ll never have that little to move.  I can dream though.

Once we get the the new land, we have to clear trees.  There isn’t even a big enough space to put a tent up right now.  We will be living on the land right away to avoid extra expenses, so we have to be ready to work from the first minute we arrive.  And I still have to keep a full time job, for now.  We plan to live in a camper for a little while while we build our temporary house/future guest house.  As of right now, this will be a small earthbag house.  We change our minds a lot though.  Well, I change my mind a lot.

While all this is going on I need to attempt to plant a garden.  We can go to the grocery store if we have to, but as little as possible is the goal.  The more I get planted, the better.    Another side project will be to set up some sort of rainwater collection, filter and storage system.  There is no well and they cost a lot of money, so that’s why we are going with rain water.  This water has to run our kitchen sink and shower and also be for drinking.  This might get to be a big project.  The camper will not be hooked up to anything either, so we will need an outhouse.  Hopefully by winter we will have some kind of indoor toilet.  Hopefully.

That is all I can think of right now.  I’m sure there is more, but we will figure that out as we go.  It will pretty much be a big family campout.  Half the year.  Wish us luck!!

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Hi, have you read Wendy Howard’s blog “Permerculteringinportugal”? She started virtually from scratch on a piece of land in Portugal, and her blog is both educational and inspirational. Take a look, I hope you find it as useful as I do and good luck with you adventure, can’t wait to start ours. The Brennans

wow that sounds awesome! and i just got the answer to my question on another post about the well.
i’ve read some about hydroponics (sp?) it sounds like a great way to have food in a small space. check it out if you can. of course planting may be better where you are.
it will be exciting to see your homestead develop and grow over the years!

I’m planning to try some hydroponics in a greenhouse pond once we build the big house. Haven’t learned much yet though. I hope to incorporate fish too.


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