First Snow

It is snowing out.  The first snow of the winter on 11-12-13.  I have lived in New England my whole life, and I am still not a big fan of the stuff.  And we just bought our homestead site further north than we are now.  That means likely even more snow.  I keep telling myself that as long as I have a nice, cozy fire to come inside to, I will be perfectly happy to be out in the snow.

Now that we are past that part, what is there fun to do in the snow?  The kids are obviously going to be getting a lot of snow time, so now I just need to figure out what we can do this year to get them really excited.  They are both under 3.  We can do the obvious things like sledding, snow men, snow ball “fights,” or making igloos.  I am looking for something different to do too.  After some looking around, I found these ideas:  snow picnics, water color snow paint, making animal tracks, ice sun catchers, birdseed mosaics, or have a bonfire and roast hot dogs.

Any other different ideas for me?  Until we get a little more snow, we will just have to wait patiently…


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Try making some snowshoes from suitable small tree branches around your homestead and either rawhide or wire fencing and plastic zip ties (find instructions in books or online), or find some used cross-country skis and boots at a thrift shop and walk or glide around your 8 acres and beyond. It’s great exercise and the toddlers will have fun learning a great life-time sport, quietly observing wildlife that would run away from a noisy snowmobile or ATV. Improve your gear as they grow.

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