Kids Gardening

gardenMy homestead is also the homestead of my two small children.  I think it is extremely important that they both learn gardening along with many other skills as young as possible.  I am having to learn all about permaculture and homesteading as I go which makes it harder to learn.  If I teach my kids all I can while they are young, they will have all the time in the world to practice what they have learned along with learning so much more.  We have started teaching my two year old gardening this year.  Planting seeds, working in the dirt, transplanting, watering and harvesting are all simple skills that she can do with a little help.  They are all new experiences

DSC_0107for her so she very much enjoys helping right now.  I can’t say that I haven’t lost any plants in the process, but that was why I planted extra this year.  I wanted her to be able to try without worrying about her possibly breaking a plant or two.  When I have moreroom, she will have her very own garden to grow whatever she pleases, that way she continues to enjoy the learning as much as possible.  What a great little helper!


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