Planting the Lasagna Garden

Just as the rain was starting today, I finished most of my planting.  Perfect timing for me to not need to go out and water everyday!  I am not good at remembering to water new seeds.  This is a big part of the reason I chose to try the lasagna garden idea.

I had set up the lasagna garden in the fall with tons of leaves and some green scraps as well.  Just as I thought, there wasn’t really enough green scraps, so the leaves didn’t really decompose as much as I would have liked.  But I knew that would probably happen.  It will eventually break down, so I’m not too concerned.  Except for the potential for slugs that the leaves will bring.  I hope that I don’t end up with a massive slug invasion that destroys my whole garden!  There are things to do to prevent this, so we’ll see how well they work.

The rows in the leaves

Planting was a little different this year too.   I had to push the leaves aside so that I could get to the dirt to plant the seeds.  I ended up making rows in the leaves, which is helpful if I want to see exactly where I planted my vegetables.  Also, while looking for the dirt, I found tons of earthworms.  That alone means that the lasagna method has improved the garden.  Where there are worms, there is good soil.  So, even if the slugs demolish the entire garden, next year the soil should be much improved for growing.  If you look at the picture to the right, you can sort of see how I spread the leaves into rows.  Hopefully, in a week or two, I will be able to show this better because there will be a beautiful row of tiny sunflowers  popping up in this very row.  With all the rain we should be getting this week, they should come up nicely.  Here is one more picture to finish up with.


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