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Now that we know we want, how do we get it? I want to have a home and farm out in the woods and I currently live in a house in town with a small garden. The first step is to learn everything that you possibly can before you dive head first into the middle of nowhere with no skills. I have spent the past 3-4 years learning as much as possible about what I will need to know when we start the process of leaving town. Once you have sat down and read all the books you can read and watched all the documentaries and how to videos you possibly can, you need to start practicing. I have been experimentingwith many skills such as different ways to grow a garden, collecting my own water, using more hand tools rather than electric, and simply using the clothesline rather than the dryer. Anything we can possibly learn now rather than when we get to the land is one less skill that will be piled onto the huge mound of things that we will have to learn. There will still be plenty to learn when we get there because there are obviously many things we just can’t do living in town. We can not have a cow or start building until we have the land. Those are both going to be huge learning experiences, so if I’m not learning to grow tomatoes at the same time it will greatly increase our chances of success. By the way, if you are like us in the way that we just can’t afford to buy land immediately, you will have plenty of time to get some serious studying in.

Beans growing in last year’s garden

So the very first thing I did was to learn how to grow a garden. I have had quite a learning curve here and the first couple of gardens were rather pathetic, but a great learning experience either way. It showed me how much I really had to learn before I could feed myself. So this winter, learn all about gardening. Lasagna gardening is a great topic, which kind of seeds not to plant so that you could potentially save your own, composting, mulching, hoop houses, keeping plants hydrated, etc. There is plenty of information to gather so that come spring you are ready to plant.

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